Eliminate Fear To Find Peace

Learn How You Can Be In Peace When All Around You Others Are In Fear!

Life is not the same! Nor will it go back to the same, and this scares people. We're being told people are dying and we can't touch each other let alone come close. 

This is a recipe for many different issues to manifest in your life. There is an answer and you found it in this training.  You may have noticed people who use to be calm and open all of a sudden closed off and maybe even angry or bitter.

That's because they are walking through levels of fear not having any idea what they are doing or how to change what they are feeling. 

I've teamed up with Dr. Stephanie  Stanfield to bring you not only a map to eliminate the fear, but also techniques that will bring you to a higher vibration everyday for 14 Days.

When you complete this course you will have peace within you and empowerment to know how to help your friends get there also. Don't wait!

Everyday that you hold onto a form of fear brings you one step closer to alienating yourself from your friends and family. I know I've been there and I've made it my mission to assist as many people as possible through this fear and bring them to peace. Where real passion comes from. 

Course Curriculum

Day 5: Eliminating Your Fear, Finding Your Peace
Day 8: Eliminating Your Fear, Finding Your Peace
Day 9: Eliminating Your Fear, Finding Your Peace
Day 10: Eliminating Your Fear, Finding Your Peace
Day 13: Eliminating Your Fear, Finding Your Peace
Day 14: Eliminating Your Fear, Finding Your Peace

What's included?

15 Videos
16 PDFs
5 Audios
Roger House
Roger House
Empowerment Expert

About the instructor

Hi, my name is Roger. I've been coaching, teaching, and developing training for well over 25 years. What makes my training different is that everything I teach is due to an issue I myself was dealing with and had to learn to change it within my own life. 

What does that mean to you?

That whatever I teach, you know works, because I had to prove it to my toughest client to ensure it worked. Who you ask... (ME) I had to know it worked because if it didn't the problem stayed with me, and how could I teach something I still was dealing with? 

I started my career coaching individuals, moving to groups, working with couples that are in distress, and now I help people become empowered creators

Nothing makes me happier than seeing 
that my coaching has changed lives. 

I always believed in one thing that outweighed any other goal I ever had, that was to "Work myself out of a job."  That meant that I wanted to empower others to be able to create the world of  their choice. 

In relationship coaching, that meant that I help singles and couples discover the skills needed to create the ideal relationship for themselves, no matter what that may look like. As for individuals it meant that they found their passion and lived it. 

My mission is the same as my passion, 
to create heaven on earth empowering 
one relationship at a time.   


Why Let Fear Destroy Your Life! You'll Find Results The Very First Day!

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